To selfie or not to selfie?

That is the question.

What might the Bard say about that one?

Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer                                     The slings and arrows of outrageous naked pictures,       Or to take arms against a sea of trolls…

I like to think I’m hip and with it.

What year did Austen Powers come out?



But let’s face it: I don’t have a Twitter account, I feel awkward when I post on Facebook, and sending an email is still my favorite way of electronically communicating with someone.

When I was a kid, we used all 10 fingers to type a message.

So the thought of a selfie makes me a little uncomfortable.
(Frankly, the word selfie makes me uncomfortable. It’s right up there with bestie and totes…and don’t even get me started about frenemy and cray cray.)

Part of me feels it just plays into this Culture of Me that we’re currently living through.
Look at Me!
Who’s more important than Me?
Try to be more like Me.
It’s all about Me.

Somewhere, Darwin is scratching his head.

And then I reflect on, well, Me and feel I might sound like this:

Get off my lawn!

This is the new millennium, after all. People do this shit all the time.

So the Horror Writers Association decides to do a promotional campaign using selfies to encourage people to watch, write, and read more horror.

I’m a member of the HWA. Just a lowly, little Supporting member, but a member nonetheless.

When I check out the horror selfies website,  I see a bunch of people up there, having fun, and, most importantly, encouraging people to read.

And I start to feel a little more like this:

Get off my lawn??

So I decide to do it.


Look at Me!

Then go read a book.


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